Should Students be Allowed to Listen to Music in Class?


Music can help multiple people in multiple different ways.

Cora Walters, Staff Writer

  One of the most prevalent, and ongoing debates in school is if students should be allowed to listen to music in class. Some will argue that students should be allowed to listen to music for a variety of reasons, often stating it helps students, whereas the other side disagrees, arguing that it damages their attention span and distracts many. Both sides of the debate have respectable opinions and reasons, but there seems to be no resolve. When reviewing the evidence, it appears that students being able to listen to music in class is the best option for their education. 

Students listen to music in class for a multitude of reasons. Some listen because it helps them focus in loud settings as some classroom settings can get very loud. For some students that is very overwhelming, and it affects their ability to get their work done. Having music to block out their surroundings can be beneficial for their schoolwork. Others use music as a coping mechanism. A lot of the time when someone is having a panic or anxiety attack, music is a good and simple way to calm them down.  When someone is having a bad day and or going through something rough, all they want to do is make it through the school day. It can be hard having to be around a lot of loud and crazy people and not have an escape. Jacquelyn Johnson, a certified psychologist, agrees with the statement “Music has been shown to promote attentiveness and focus in people with ADHD” That is why it is important for students to have the option of listening to music. 

  However, teachers have different viewpoints on the matter, some don’t care if their students listen to music, as long as they get their work done, taking into account what some students need. However, there are other teachers out there who don’t let their students listen to music. The middle ground being where the teacher will play music for the class, filtering possibly disruptive songs. Obviously, it is disrespectful to teachers if one is listening to music while they are giving instructions but teachers should set rules for such things instead of outright banning phones and airpods. Ultimately it is up to the teachers to decide if students are allowed to listen to music in their classroom, but it would be very beneficial for the students if they were allowed.