More Royal Drama to Unfold as Charles is Crowned King

The newly crowned King Charles walking through Westminster Abbey, a famous location for several royal events.

The Guardian

The newly crowned King Charles walking through Westminster Abbey, a famous location for several royal events.

Taylor Koch, Editor

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September, immediate heir to the throne, Charles Windsor was named King. The date for his official coronation was set to be in May, due to the Royal mourning custom. Postponing it would “ensure sufficient time to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II”, who held the longest ruling time period as a monarch. All eyes were on King Charles as to see whether or not he could fill the past Monarchs shoes. Most of the United Kingdom and fellow Americans have high doubts, and in fact, only 20% of people believe that he and Camilla should take the title. 

The drama they carry has lessened people’s respect for them, especially discussing King Charles. Diana, Charles’s first wife, or as she was often referred to, the “Peoples Princess” was adored. Her life was cut short in a fatal car accident back in 1997, which many believed was caused by the royal family. There is no evidence of it, but the stories, interviews, shows, movies, and photographs can all tie back to two people; Charles and Camilla. 

Though she was the wife of Charles for more than a decade and the mother of his children, Diana was the other woman. It all began in 1970 at a polo match, when Camilla Shand was introduced to the eligible British heir, whom she quickly fell in love with. It was love at first sight, as some called it, and the two had full support to wed. Except for the most important supporter- the Queen. Camilla was thought to be an  “experienced” woman, which did not fall under the suitable terms to marry the then Prince of Wales. The royal family wanted someone pure and able to represent the family well. Diana Spencer was the perfect fit.

Most everyone knows the terrible things Princess Diana had to go through during both her time as Princess and after. The overwhelming trauma she experienced made headlines throughout the remainder of her lifetime and had a long-time effect on her two children, William and Harry. Harry, who left the royal family three years ago, recalled the events he watched his mother go through in a recent documentary, ‘Harry & Meghan’. The show not only discusses the two’s love story, but truly captures the reality of being a royal. The little girls who grew up wanting the “perfect fairy tale” got nothing close to it. The hatred Diana received by her husband for not being Camilla, the comments about color towards Meghan and Harry’s baby, and even the rumored affairs Princess Kate has had to deal with about her husband, shows just how imperfect the “perfect” family is.

After Diana passed, life for the royals was completely flipped. The people were against them, and wanted their true Princess. Charles and Camilla were eventually married despite numerous requests not to, one of them being from the Queen. They have lost thousands of supporters, and caused more hate towards the family than ever. However, there is hope. The Prince and Princess of Wales have gained popularity, and over 60% of Britain prefers them to rule instead of the monarchs right now. Surprisingly Prince George, William and Kate’s oldest son, is also preferred over Charles and Camilla. He is third in line to the royal title, and will one day be King.

The drama will continue to unfold as Harry and Meghan fall deeper into the distance. The royal family has no contact with them, which will only continue splitting the whole family. Will they be able to reunite, or is this the start of the downfall for the royals?