The Word Nuclear Doesn’t Have to be Bad

Dominic Fightmaster, Current Events Writer

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Science can be good. It has made life more convenient and helped cure disease. However, science has also made some  destructive and harmful things. Some of these items, both good and bad, were made by pure accident; for example: X-Ray images, ink-jet printers, and penicillin. Scientists attempt to do good in the science world, but some projects may end up bad.

Have you heard of the Manhattan Project?  It was a research and development site during World War II that produced the first nuclear bomb. In addition, it led to the nuclear power plant. There are primarily two opinions on this topic; the nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants are beneficial or they are destructive.

While the nuclear bomb is probably one of America’s greatest achievements, it has killed thousands of people. Currently the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is a barrier to bombs being used as weapons. Bombs are scary and deadly, but using them has led to the end of wars such as WWII.

Because of the 1986 Chernobyl incident where a flawed nuclear reactor resulted in steam explosions. Because of the radiation the area will not be habitable for 20,000 years. Science shows that radiation can weaken the DNA or break it up and damage cells enough to kill humans or make them mutate. Though it may be possible and sometimes safe to visit some areas, the radiation will not be gone in our lifetime.

Nuclear power plants have caused serious issues, but they provide electricity to places around the world. They also provide employment to those who need it and pay their employees well for the risk they take. Employees at nuclear power plants earn 77,800 dollars a year. This is 20,000 dollars more than the average individual makes in America.  There is a chance that something could go wrong, but it’s not likely and the benefits outweigh the risk.

True, there are many things to fear about nuclear energy. It’s more important to show how some risks can positively impact the world and create positive change. Yes, it’s important to consider the risk but there is risk in everything we do. We must look at both sides before forming an opinion. Sometimes bad things lead to amazing things.