Hurricane Michael

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

The Florida panhandle was recently ravaged by the power of Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael, once a tropical storm, was the first category four storm to hit the Florida panhandle when it made landfall at Mexico City Beach, Florida.  Michael used his force to create chaos and unbelievable damage. As of October 17th, the death toll was 32 and rising as clean up and the search for the missing continues . Michael’s winds and chaos affected areas from Mexico, Georgia, to Virginia.  As of press time, many people are in need of desired help since everything they have has been wiped away.  Many anxiously awaited  information on when help would come.  President Trump visited the state to give help to the poor people who needed it.

People are still collecting and going through their soaked items desperately trying to save as much as they could. Even in our eyes it is a horrible,horrible event that has happened to these people and I could never imagine how these people feel and what they are going through. It was a startling reminder of the fragility of live as you could see so many people trying to leave to save themselves.  Florida residents traveled north.  While on vacation in Tennessee,  I overheard an older couple discussing with a waiter about their sudden departure from home.  In good humor, they tried to use this as an excuse for a vacation but they couldn’t help but to be scared.   These people, having left all the comforts of home in addition to those who stayed behind are in need of help.  The best thing we can do is to help as much as possible.  Find an organization that will provide aid and make monetary or supply donation.  It could truly make a difference for them.