Longer School Days

Brooke Harris, Business Manager

What if schools had longer days, but with a full three day weekend? Freshman, Dylan Early states “I would be able to get more school work done and not have so much homework all the time. I would also have a nice three day weekend.” Spanish teacher, Kathryn Manning reports “Advantages to having longer school days would be that we would save money not using as much electricity the days we are off. Also, families would be able to do things together. A disadvantage would be that students that play sports would have less practice time because of the longer day and their practices go late into the night already.”

Some students say that they would not enjoy having longer schools days. Junior, Tyler Reynolds says “I would be very tired if we had longer school days. I play sports and I’m always very tired after practice, so having longer school days would mean longer practices and I will not get my homework or extra school work done.” Both students and teachers have very different opinions on longer school days.