Holiday Season



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What does the holiday season mean to me?

This season reminds me that we could all use a little extra love once in a while. This season reminds me that family should always stay close to the heart, this season reminds me that dirty dishes means a blessed home, and this season reminds me that giving is so much more rewarding than receiving. I am reminded that we should always make time for loved ones because that time doesn’t last forever. This season, to me, shows genuine and sincere happiness.

Image result for holiday season familyI asked 10 students what the holiday season means to them, and this was their responses:

Brayden Frederick: “It puts me in a good mood because it’s Christmas time and I get to spend time with family and friends.”

Haley Hart: “I love the overall feeling of everyone being happy and being with my family.”

Will Wyatt: “I like not being at school for 2 weeks.”

Lyndsay Johnson: “Giving presents to others because it gives me a warm feeling in my heart.”

Isaiah Gibbs: “I love seeing everyone in my family come together and be happy for once. Also, I love to eat the food, it gives me a chance to eat a lot and not feel guilty about it.”

Jessica Cobb: “I really enjoying seeing all of my family together at the same time, laughing and having just a really great time.”

Jake Wells: “The holidays are very fun because you spend time with your family. It’s also fun to play in the snow with family and friends.”

Mrs. Francis: “It’s a time for rest, and to hang out with my daughter because I never really get to do that. I honestly Image result for holiday season christmasdon’t care about the gifts.”

Connor Hein: “The holiday season to me means that you get to spend time with your family and have fun hanging out.”

Hagan McFarland: “I love seeing family I haven’t seen in a while, going to church, and eating good food.”