Teen Pregnancy on the Rise in High Schools


Pregnant High School Student

Teens these days are looking different, and not because they have a different outfit on. Out of ten girls, three of them end up pregnant before the age of 20. At this rate, that’s more than 750,000 girls getting pregnant every year. In order to provide for their children, a plethora of teenage girls drop out of high school to support their child.

How do we solve this problem? The easiest way to stop this from happening is to be abstinent. It is often very hard to do this because of teenage hormones. According to Advocatesforyouth.org, “A recent study found that 86% of the decline in U.S. teen pregnancy could be attributed to increased contraception use, while 14% was due to teens’ increased abstinence.” Because of that, another solution to this problem is to be put on birth control. Birth control is a contraception and fertility control to prevent pregnancy. A lot of teens use this contraception and the outcomes are magnificent. It shows that 99% effective when used perfectly and on a regular basis. Typical use is 91% effective when you don’t take the pill regularly. Another way to solve this issue is to educate adolescents about sex education. By teaching them the importance of birth control and condoms, teenage contraception levels will go down significantly.

Pregnancy at a young age is toxic to a teenager’s future life. It can cause them to not have as many opportunities that they could have if they weren’t pregnant. Such as going to college, playing sports, spending time with friends, a higher education, a stable job, and many more. According to progressvepolicy.org, only 51 percent of teen moms earn a high school diploma compared to 89 percent of female students who did not give birth as a teen.” Every girl teenager doesn’t expect to get pregnant because it never is planned.