Article 13



Abigail Estrada , Social Writer

The internet is something we all seem to be a part of, no matter what you do. All ages use the internet, no matter if it’s to watch James Charles and his sister squad, your parents and grandparents stalking family members, or watching those short videos about different babies and dogs. We tend to find so much joy in these things, it would be horrible to lose all of it. Well, according to an article based out of Europe, we might be doing just that. If you don’t know, there’s a ban on certain copyrighted content, such as memes.

This article is affecting so many people and we don’t even realize it, many of this generation’s favorite influencers are being affected by this ban. Youtubers have been dealing with unfair treatment and a battle since this article has been starting to work out. Many have been furious and frustrated about how easily companies such as Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music, and etc. copyright their videos. The main problem with these companies is they are going out of their way to monitor their content, so whenever a youtuber uses the music of anyone in these companies, almost every big name artists and their songs are, they can copyright that segment and the youtuber will either not get any revenue at all or won’t get ad money. Even though they have these rights, there are certain stances where it is illegal or right. Youtube’s copyright system is still very flawed so they can’t exactly pinpoint anytime something is wrongly reported. So many influencers and YouTubers have had enough of this and are still begging youtube to fix this. Along with not only this there are many other things they can copyright if the content is theirs. This article is horrible for this generation as we basically live off of memes and stan culture. This article will affect not only youtubers but normal people who just go on Instagram or Facebook because they will get harder on their terms and services and harder on the content posted. If you wanna be able to help this and save your internet please go and sign this petition, not only will this heavily affect Europe it will affect us.