The True Spirit of BCHS Sports

The True Spirit of BCHS Sports

Karen Francis

The game hadn’t started but the spirit of competition was alive from the onset. From the upper hallway of Bourbon County High School, the feeling of intensity was apparent. Electricity spilled from the gym. It was more than a district championship. It was a battle for school spirit inclusive of an entire student body. Everyone had their place and their role to play. The Battle of the Bands jump-started the atmosphere. Every emotion-filled song was answered by an equally energetic song on the opposite side. A seconds pause was virtually non-existent. It was clear that pride was on the line and everyone, including the pep bands, came to play. 

The student sections were filled with enthusiastic fans armed with a plethora of chants and cheers. Not even the warning against flashes and raucous behavior could dampen school spirit. Students on both sides of the floor were on their feet. Proud parents, siblings, friends, and family raised their voices to show support and the pace of the game reflected those emotions. It was a long-awaited opportunity and a highly anticipated match-up.  

Packed with intensity, the first half was marked by the quick pace of the back and forth shoot-out on the floor. The lead frequently changed hands by players fueled by the emotional response of the crowd and sheer desire to capture the coveted district champion title.  Senior, Jace Wallace, tied up the score at 32 going into the second half but GRC would not be dismissed so quickly. The Cardinals returned to the floor ignited by the close match-up to quickly recapture the lead only to be matched at the 4:52 mark in the 3rd quarter by a turnover and quick drive to the basket by the Colonels. Tied again with 6 seconds in the 3rd quarter, senior, Jace Wallace launched the shot that would restore the lead for Bourbon County.  The fourth quarter proved to be equally invigorating. Determination dripping down their faces, the Cardinals and Colonels would drive this game into double overtime before the Cardinals hit a three-point buzzer shot to win the game. But the real story isn’t about the score. It isn’t about double overtimes. It’s about the night that a group of talented young men united a crowd.

This is the story of the night when titles and social status didn’t matter. Students from all walks united for a common cause. It’s the story of a rare moment of camaraderie among a student body often divided by diverse interests.  This is the story of a school who came together to encourage and support an improving program, a program revitalized by a determined coach who spent an entire season teaching a group of young men how to be honorable on the court, but most importantly off the court through community involvement and a relentless expectation that his team would represent Bourbon County High School with pride and dignity. This night was about a school, a community, and a team coming together as a crazy family to remind the world that we are Bourbon.