We are Suckers for the Jonas Brothers Revival


A picture of the Jonas Brothers. From left to right; Joe, Kevin, and Nick.

abigail estrada , Social Writer

The 2000s was a time of many things, such as pop punk and pop rose along with the alternative culture. Disney took over as much as they could with their hit tv shows such as “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” “Hannah Montana” and “That’s so Raven”. These childhood actors took over the world with their shows on Disney and one being, the Jonas brothers. If you don’t know who the Jonas brothers are you may have either been too old for the time they were relevant or just lived under a rock. The Jonas Brothers are a group of brothers, named Kevin, Joe, and Nick. These boys gained popularity from their time on Disney and then furthermore took their talents to the records. During their time in the music spotlight, they had recorded 4 studio albums, 3 live albums, and 3 Eps. The time they were active in the music industry together they had millions of fans come and see them, as they were loved by so many people. They seemed to always go together as a band until 2013, they had just reunited after a long hiatus but still decided to end up splitting. During these next 6 years of their split, each brother was still in the public eye and doing their own individual things. Joe went and did things with his own band DNCE and had created lots of music, including the hit single “Cake By The Ocean”. Nick also still produced and went along with music with him creating hit singles such as “Chains” and “Jealous”. Kevin stayed out of the music business and stuck with spending time with family and his wife whom he married in 2009. Well, after 6 long years of loving fans hoping for a reunion on February 28th the band officially announced their comeback to the music industry as the one and only Jonas brothers. The whole internet went crazy and everyone was talking about the comeback. Many fans were so excited about their favorite childhood band to come back. On March 1st, the band released their new single “sucker” and many fans enjoyed it. So many are still excited as to what will happen next with the Jonas brothers and we will definitely be there for the new ride.