Insiders Look on the Play


Makailyn Craft, Reporter

Bourbon County High School recently performed its annual play, the Wizard of Oz. Most of us have seen the finished product, but don’t understand the process of perfecting this performance. After many hours of hard work and tired voices, this wonderful land of Oz was brought to life before our eyes, but we never get to really see what it’s like behind the scenes. My friend Abigail Estrada was a part of this theatrical performance and I decided to interview her out of genuine curiosity as to how the behind the scenes went. 

Makailyn: How was the play experience for you?


Abigail: The play was very stressful on me at times with the constant work schedule and the stress of making sure everything is okay and done. Although I wouldn’t trade the experience at all.


Makailyn: What would be your advice to the new incoming freshman who will try do the play next year?


Abigail: Personally, I don’t feel intimidated by the upperclassmen because they are nothing but kind. Be prepared to make some amazing new friends and to find a family all among them. Also, be ready to cry at senior night because your new friends are leaving. Senior night is basically a farewell ceremony to the seniors. Anyways, just make sure to always respect the upperclassmen and to love and show respect to everyone in the play.


Makailyn: What was your reaction at this senior night?


Abigail: This was my first senior night and in all honesty, I cried. It was so emotional for me. I had made friends with most of the cast and it was so strange seeing as that they will be gone soon. I had made a family with this crew and it was sad knowing they wouldn’t be there next year. That night was filled with lots of hugs and tears.


Makailyn: What would be your favorite memory from this play?


Abigail: My favorite memory would have to be all the day shows because backstage we would all have an amazing time and would laugh, but easily get back in character.


After a few moments of extra rambling, I ended up getting everything I needed. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the play. Getting to experience the comedy of watching my friends while they were on stage was only rivaled by the nostalgia I felt. I was quite happy when the school announced they would be performing a classic such as the Wizard of Oz.