BCHS Brings Tardy Notes in the Picture


A tardy note

Brooke Harris, Business Manager / Staff Writer

BCHS has made a new rule that if you’re tardy for class, you’re required to get a tardy note, and you can not get into class until you get said note. Many students and teachers have varying stances about the new rule. Many different teachers have said that this rule has definitely helped with students getting to class on time. 

The teachers and administrators have shared their thoughts on this new rule; Assistant Principal Kelly McIntosh says, “I love them, it makes the administration more visible in the hallways, and it is helping kids walk a little bit faster.” Also, the Family Consumer Science teacher, Katherine Blackard, states, “It is good because it is helping kids to be more responsible, it is definitely helping. I will see kids running to get to class because they don’t want the inconvenience.”

Multiple students in the school believe that this rule isn’t helping anything. Sophomore Brandon Casey says, “It’s bull crap, it takes up more time for us to get to class because we have to run around the school trying to find an administrator to get the note.” Another Sophomore, Bryson Thurman, thought that “[the school] shouldn’t have them because I am usually even more late to class because I’m trying to chase down an administrator.” Overall many students and teachers have different views or opinions on the notes. What is your opinion? Do you believe the new tardy policy is efficient and helpful? Or, do you believe it is another hassle to endure throughout the chaos of high school?