Behind the Scenes of Prom 2019


DeeDee Barnett, Assistant Associate Editor

Many students went to Bourbon County’s Enchanted Garden Prom on April 27th. The gym was transformed from your everyday run-of-the-mill high school gymnasium into a beautiful, blossoming garden scene straight from a fairytale. But do you know the amount of hard work that had to be done leading up to the big night to ensure that everything was perfect?

For starters, it took a lot of planning from our school’s prom committee, led by Mrs. Michelle Patrick and Mrs. Kelly McIntosh. They started planning everything for prom at the beginning of the year, as soon as the members of the committee joined. The committee combed through several prom supply catalogs, looking for only the best things for prom. Once the students decided on what to get, they had to wait for the supplies to be ordered and shipped. After that brief respite, it was time to get to work. Prom committee members stayed after school for several days during the weeks to take inventory and double-check what else they may have needed to purchase. Then, they began assembling the decorations one by one, storing them away in various places throughout the school to keep the seniors from sneaking peeks until prom. As the weeks went on and prom fast approaching, it became crunch time for the committee to get the decorations done and ready for the gym.

On April 26th, the decorating commenced. The juniors were rushing around the gym, several going in and out throughout the day. Some were found walking around the school, looking for some supplies to borrow from our very helpful teachers. The students divided themselves into groups, one group worked on setting up the dance floor, several students setting up the tables and chairs, and a few students worked on retrieving extra decorating supplies. They were very busy and the juniors put in 110% of their effort into making the gymnasium look absolutely perfect. Oasis Productions came in earlier during that week to hang up the chandeliers and drape the silks from the ceiling, while most of the other decorating needs were done by the prom committee. Halfway through the decorating spree, the students were treated to a pizza lunch to celebrate their work. Right after their lunch, they were immediately back to decorating, working fast to get as much done as they could. Some students stayed after later that Friday afternoon working on the lobby. Once they were done, they only had to focus on getting themselves ready for Saturday.

All in all, the prom committee worked really hard to make sure the Enchanted Garden was perfect. They did everything in their power to ensure prom looked amazing. If you pass a prom committee member in the hall, tell them thanks for all of their hard work.