2019-2020 New Tardy Change


This is a picture of the 2019-2020 tardy slip.

Patricia Jones, Writer

 In 2018-19 at Bourbon County High School, students had a hard time getting to class on time. Lots of students had tardy notes from being late nearly every day. The administration wants to make sure students are getting to class on time so everyone is where they need to be and ready to learn. Students understand this concern but state one of the primary issues last year was a shorter time between classes.  In 2019, the administration proposed a change to address this issue.  To help students get to class on time, Bourbon County High School increased the time between classes from four minutes to five minutes.   This should allow students to get everything that needs to be done, done. According to administration, even though “it’s only one minute, it should help out a little bit for those who struggle with being late again and again; this year we’re giving it a shot to see the effectiveness behind it.” 

When asked “Do you think having an extra minute will make a difference?” Junior, Isaiah Villar said, “Yeah I think so, especially for the kids that have Ag. It allows students to get back here a little faster and for kids to get to their class and still be able to socialize.” Principal Shane Mitchell said, “It absolutely should make a difference, it really comes down to students being willing to get to class.” Sophomore, Mahayla Conner said, “ Yes, it has made a difference because it gives me extra time to walk to my classes especially since my fourth period is apex and it’s in the computer lab and my fifth period is all the way in the back of the building.” Senior, Eihn Conner disagrees. Eihn said, “No, because you could give students two minutes and they still wouldn’t be back to the classroom.” 

Students and administrators both have beliefs on whether they think students will rack up fewer tardies.   Senior, Eihn Conner said, “I feel like it would be the same because it is really just one minute difference.” Sophomore, Mahayla Conner said, “Tardier, because they know they have that extra minute and they are gonna take advantage of it.” Principal Shane Mitchell said, “I want to say less, that is the reason we added it back in (the extra minute), so hopefully less tardy but there’s gonna be a few kids who are still gonna push that time frame.”

Even if students and administrators have doubts, in the long run, the extra minute added could make a big difference.