The Importance of Choral Education

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

Choir; when you hear that word you probably think of that easy ‘A’ that you tried to get some time in your life. But musical education is much more than that easy ‘A’. Music has been around since the beginning of time and has been involved in everyone’s life in some way. Music has been a form of therapy to many people; it’s a way of breaking out of your shell and putting yourself out there. For the longest time, choral music stayed within churches, only singing small hymns for recreational purposes. Reportedly in 1847, the first official choir was formed in Salt Lake Valley. This choir was under the teachings of the church president, Brigham Young. The small choir performed on August 22, at a conference twenty-two days after the first pioneers came to the area. Ever since then, choir has been a big part in not only the church world, but also the educational one. Sadly, not a lot of choirs or many arts for that matter have been appreciated enough. 

Schools usually don’t fund the musical department very much since the school themselves don’t show any interests. Not as many students show up to choir concerts as they do to sports events. So many lives have been affected by choir. It’s as if you are growing a family; it has helped me in ways too. Choir has been a form of self-expression and therapy for me; I get so excited about going to class to sing my heart out. I have grown a family during my time in choir and I know so many others agree with me. The education part of it though is what really matters; it helps not only teach you comprehension skills but also listening skills. In choir, the major part is listening by ear to hear what notes you need and have to hit.  This is one of the many skills you need to learn. If you wish to help choir in any way, keep your eyes open for their fundraisers. Please try and go to a concert. Not only does seeing people in the audience help the students feel more confident in their sound, it also shows people from the board that music education is important and provides an enjoyable service. Your presence can show each person that our community actually cares for the choir.