CASA: Hidden Heroes


Sophia Prichard

Bourbon County Courthouse, Paris, Ky 2019

Sophia Prichard, Staff Writer

CASA, also known as Court Appointed Special Advocates, is an organization that produces advocates who are appointed cases by the Family Court Judge. Through this, many children involved in these cases don’t have to spend as much time in the system or in a potentially abusive home.

CASA advocates try to figure out what they need or want. Advocates get access to medical records, contact teachers, and gathering more information. They then write reports and recommendations to the Family Court Judge to share the situation from the child’s perspective and what the advocate thinks is best for the child. This can shorten the time that the child has to endure stress and can get out of toxic or abusive environments faster. The CASA advocate can also provide a healthy relationship to the child, as a mentor or advisor. There were eighty-nine new cases in the Bourbon County Family Court last year, and with the help of CASA, these cases could be shortened, and the children involved would be more likely to find permanent safer homes. One advocate is enough to change a child’s life, and alleviate the stress of a toxic environment. These children deserve the same opportunities as others, and a CASA can set them up for better opportunities than they may have received otherwise.

Advocates help children find safe, loving, permanent homes faster, which betters society as a whole. Research shows that kids who come from abusive homes have a higher risk of not graduating high school, becoming, homeless or being convicted of crimes. CASA helps kids get onto the right path, and have a better life.

CASA advocates are required to go through thirty hours of training, pass background checks, and be over the age of twenty-one. Those that want to help can reach out through CASA’s website ( Students can participate as non-advocate volunteers for the organization, or if you don’t have the time to volunteer, you can find beneficiary events at the CASA website. By supporting CASA, you support our community and our future.