Listen to your lungs, they are crying

Patricia Jones, Writer

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Over the years, vaping has increased rapidly. In a survey, vaping use increased from 1.5% in 2011 to 20.8%. Cigarettes are bad as well. Over the years, vaping has become an alternative to smoking. Although vaping is not good or healthy for people, many adults and teens still vape. Students and admin both had different opinions on the subject of vaping. Over the years there have been many accidents and deaths with vaping. 

     Even though most people think vaping is bad, people still do it. When asked “Do you think it is good to vape?”Deputy Dempsey said, “ Ultimately no. People saw it as what they thought was a safe alternative to cigarettes and tobacco and it has since been proven that it is not. There have been numerous illnesses because of it and there have been now several recorded deaths because of it so it has now been medically proven that it is not safe to vape over cigarettes.” Health/gym teacher Zach Irvine said, “No, I think it impacts you, not only in the short term but the long term and as we are going along, we’re figuring out that there is more and more problems with vaping.”

     Throughout our high school years, many students have started to vape. When asked “Do you think people will ever stop vaping?” One student said, “No, because it is advertised on tv so much and everyone is going to show younger people to do new things”.  The second person I asked said, “ Probably not because people want to act cool and find a way to fit in with other people.” Health/gym teacher Zach Irvine said, “I think as we get more information that the laws pertaining to vaping are going to get more strict. Students, teachers, and administrators have all come to recognize vaping as a problem across American Schools.