First Impressions of BCHS 

rose o'brien, writer

This year we have had a lot of foreign exchange students, some of which include: Camilla and Yasmin are from Italy, Kyoko is from Japan and Nuria is from Spain. I asked them if they were up to answering a few questions and they did. I asked Camilla, “What was your first impression when you got here?” She said, “At first I didn’t know anyone, but then I met the other exchange students and the girls from the volleyball team. I was surprised and happy at the same time because everybody here is very kind and I love the teachers, it’s really something different. The building is big, but it’s not confusing, I just got lost the first day then it was all good.” The second question was, “What’s something you have here and that you don’t have in your country?” She replied with, “In Italy we don’t change classes every hour and we don’t have lunch at school because we finish school at 1:00 pm. I think the most different thing is the relationships with the teachers, you can easily talk to them anytime, their really kind and helpful.” The last question was “Do you like it here better? and would you recommend this experience to your friends?” After some thinking she says, “Yes I do and would definitely tell them that it’s really something fun to do. I love the school and I love everything here”. The second person interviewed was Yasmin. I asked her the same questions and she answered the first one by saying, “Italy is very different, as the lunch for example because here we have lunch in school and in Italy we don’t so I was quite scared because I didn’t know who to sit with”. For the second question she said, “Right now I like Kentucky the same way I do Italy”. For the last question “What’s the most different thing that you have here and that you don’t have in Italy?” She said “ Here, the AC is always on and I’m not use to it. Also, you all eat a lot of chicken and I usually don’t”. The third person I interviewed was Nuria. I asked her “Can you tell me the difference between here and Spain?” She said,“Here you have to move to all your classes and in Spain you are always in the same one. My school in Spain has 4000 students so it was a big difference when I got here. Here there is a lot of spirit,  you are proud of your high school and support going to events or games.”