Youth Leadership


Youth Leadership students on the steps of Paris' city building.

Youth Leadership is an amazing opportunity for juniors at Bourbon County High School.  Youth Leadership offers young adults the chance to tour different businesses in our community.  Last month on September 26, a hand-selected group of juniors from Bourbon County and Paris High School went to a number of local businesses to learn more about how they’re managed.  This is a great opportunity for young adults who aren’t sure what career they would like to pursue or teens who are looking for more experience with local businesses and companies.  Last month, we explored the agricultural side of businesses in Bourbon County.  Our first stop on the trip was the Bourbon County Farmer’s Market.  The Farmer’s Market is a little business on 720 High Street that focuses on fresh produce and products made right in Bourbon County.  While at the Farmer’s Market, the people who run and manage the market made us breakfast with vegetables and fruits produced by farmers here in Bourbon County.  We were given the opportunity to walk around the Farmer’s Market and observe all the fresh produce provided there.  Our next stop was Mahan farms.  John Mahan is a very successful farmer who has grown his company over time.  We were allowed to walk around his farm and see all the manual labor required to maintain healthy crops.  After that, we went to Paris Stockyards where they served us lunch and we observed the cattle auction.  It was a great opportunity to see how Paris plays a big part in cattle sales in the state of Kentucky.  Then, we were on our way to Claiborne.  We learned about the history of Claiborne and all about the famous horses born and raised there.  We were given the opportunity to pet and feed a successful racehorse. Then, we went to Park Equine Hosptial. Touring the hospital was a great opportunity to see how horses are treated at vet hospitals and how they’re cared for.  Overall, I really recommend the Youth Leadership Program for any incoming juniors who may be interested.  As you can see, it is an amazing opportunity to learn more about different careers in our community.