2019 BCHS Homecoming

Grace Russell, Staff Writer

Every year students celebrate homecoming week by dressing up for different theme days.  The overall theme this year was “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”.  Teachers were encouraged to participate in the door decorating contest with their 4th-period classes.  The 2019 Homecoming dress-up themes were:

Monday – ‘Merica Monday
Tuesday – Tik Tok Tuesday
Wednesday – Wake Up Wednesday
Thursday – Tropical Thursday
Friday – Color War Friday

Some students did not like the choices for HOCO week so they didn’t want to dress up. Savanna stated that if they did things people liked, more would’ve participated. Other students, however, made the best of it and had fun.  Rose O’Brien and Elizabeth Boggs said that the week was fun and they chose to dress up.

Homecoming Dance

The 2019 Homecoming Dance was held at Oasis. The theme was “There’s no place like Homecoming”.

I asked some people that attended the dance about it. One student said that homecoming was okay.  The students were having fun and many enjoyed dancing. She was not satisfied with the music selection. She also didn’t like that no one stuck to the theme so people felt that there was no point in having one. On the other hand, she liked how formal homecoming was and how pretty it was.

Rose said that homecoming was okay, too. She thought it was going to be better but the majority of the people that went left early so it didn’t “wow” her. Rose’s favorite part about homecoming was dancing with all of her friends.

Elizabeth said it was good but also really hot. She had a good time and it was fun. Her favorite part was dancing, talking, and making new friends. She liked the theme but personally wouldn’t have chosen it herself.

2019 homecoming was good but people feel that it could’ve been better. Maybe next year it will be.