Thanksgiving Crafts

Emma Maynard, Editor

This Thanksgiving, there is so much to be thankful for; family, friends, food, and crafts. Yes, crafts. Since many people lump holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas together, people usually make ornaments or wreaths. But has anyone ever made any crafts for Thanksgiving instead of just focusing on the joyful holiday that is Christmas? Here is a list of things you can make for yourself or others this Thanksgiving:

You could make Pumpkin Turkeys. Buy a medium-sized pumpkin and a wooden turkey kit from any craft store. You take the pegs (each one usually has a numbered order as guidance) and all you have to do is stick the wooden pieces into your pumpkin.

Another craft you can make is Thanksgiving wreaths. Buy burlap, some fake leaves, and create a wreath for the holiday; you could use it as a gift, or perhaps hang it on your front door instead.

You can also paint pumpkins; head out to your local pumpkin patch or simply purchase one at Walmart. Buy some paint and create a Thanksgiving masterpiece that everyone will envy. You can paint a turkey or gourd, or even a “Happy Thanksgiving!” on your pumpkin. Just be careful not to make a mess of things.

Thanksgiving is a holiday for family and, well, giving. Whatever craft you decide to create (if you decide to create any), be sure to give thanks to those around you; offer them any creation you’ve made and are willing to give up rather than just allowing them a second and third plate of cranberry sauce. Try and be as kind and giving as you can be this holiday because those around you will feel just how appreciated they really are. Be thankful for who and what’s in your life, and more importantly, have a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your family and enjoy lots of delicious food.