Christmas Parade With Town and Village


Some Town and Village dancers preparing before the parade starts.

Abigail Bezeau, Student Reporter

As you know this past weekend was the annual Bourbon County Christmas Parade. In the Christmas parade, people participating march from the High school, all the way to the Courthouse. Every year, Town and Village, a dance school in Paris, perform two short dances while marching in the parade. This year we danced to a new version of “Jingle Bell Rock” and another song called “This Christmas” sung by China Anne McClain. The theme of the Christmas parade this year was all things, Disney, so we traded in our Santa hats in for some Mickey Mouse ears. We had a blast spreading Christmas cheer, and smiling ear to ear while marching down the main street. There was a process to go along with all of this though, including learning all the fun dances. 

We have one two-hour-long practice the Tuesday before the parade where we learn both dances and receive our Christmas parade shirts. This year our shirts were green with a red Mickey Mouse head in the center. And like I mentioned earlier, we also wore sparkly Mickey Mouse ears and jeans. After getting our shirts the choreographer would begin to teach our first dance. This normally would take about an hour of practice and then we would begin the final dance. This takes the remainder of the rehearsal. At the very end, there would be a short parent meeting where the instructors would tell our parents’ important information such as when and where to meet and pick up their child. 

On the day of the parade, all marchers and riders of the float will meet at 4:30 in the Traditional Bank parking lot for a quick brush-up rehearsal. Everyone there was freezing but it was still fun. As we went over the dances our excitement would build up as we saw Buddy the Elf and Santa Clause prepare in the parking lot of BCHS. When the clock hit 6:00, we would line up as the parade begins. We danced all the way down to the courthouse with big smiles on our faces spreading Christmas cheer. It is always such a fun experience for watchers and marchers and we encourage you to come out and watch next year to begin the Christmas season.