New players add perspective and life to BCHS basketball


(left to right) Nate Mack, Nakyir Joyce, and Jack huckabay

Patricia Jones, Editor

 Going into the new basketball season,(2019-2020)there are a few new faces to the team. Those new people are Jack Huckabay, Amirion Joyce, and Nate Mack including Nakyir (Scrap) Joyce who is now finishing his second year at BCHS and on the basketball team. This year is Jack’s and Nate’s first time at Bourbon County High School. When asked, “What school did you go to?”, Nate replied with “I went to Frederick Douglas High School”. Jack said, “I went to Lexington Catholic”. 

     When asked about their overview opinion of the team and Bourbon, Jack said, “ I like it a lot better than Catholic. We are more like a family here. If I had the chance to stay at Bourbon or go back to Catholic, I would most definitely stay here. One thing that is better at Bourbon is just my teammates and the coaching staff and everything. There is nothing worse at this school.” Nate said, “It is way better than Fredrick Douglas. It is different from my other team. The coaching style is different and we play differently. I like my teammates more and I feel like I fit in better here. One thing that is better at Bourbon is I like the way we play, our playing style. There is nothing worse here at Bourbon. As you can see, Bourbon and Bourbon’s basketball team are very well-liked. 

     As Scrap is a second-year student here and a second-year player, he had good words to say about his teammates. Scrap said, “This team is special because we have a bunch of talent this year. We have Jack, he is a transfer this year, he’s a shooter. He can shoot, rebound, and attack the basket. We have Aj (Amirion Joyce), he is also a transfer. He can score, pass, and do a lot. He is our main scorer. We have Bone coming back from football, our defensive player. We have Brycen, our big man who can step out and shoot. We have Koko, the big beast download. We have Wade, he is now our shooting guard. We have Braxton, our off the bench shooter. And then you have me, the point guard who puts everyone in their place so we can score and get everyone hype. Also, we have Parker Estes, who is our other big body download. We have Nate, who will hopefully get cleared soon so he can play and he’s a stretch forward.  This basketball season is going to be a great one with the spirits on the team!