Eco-Fascism and Its Effects

Trees image via google:

Trees image via google:

Sophia Prichard, Editor

Eco-fascism is a branch 0f far-right politics, claimed by neo-nazis and other white supremacist groups. While most individuals won’t outright agree with the ideas of eco-fascism,  its effects have been deadly. The core of eco-fascism is excepting the science of climate change, but scapegoating people of color. It was accepted by the mass shooter of El Paso and many other mass murderers, and while any sane person could see that most of those people are mentally ill or in need of help, there are actually many individuals who accept this ideology.

Eco-fascism has proven to be quite different than most far-right political views. While most conservative politicians and voters don’t embrace the science of climate change, eco-fascism accepts that climate change is a very real thing affecting the environment and society. The problem with eco-fascism is that it indeed a version of fascism and neo-nazi politics, things Americans have been very against. It also scapegoats people of color or blames people of color for the climate crisis. The climate crisis can not be blamed on one singular race, but even if it was Corporate America is the main cause of the warming of our planet, and most of corporate America is white or owned by white Americans.

Fascism has been more embraced in recent years, which has proved extremely dangerous to the population of America. Neo-nazis have caused countless shootings and attacks. Fascism is a form of government and politics based around a dictator or one single political party, usually, their division in population is based on race, something most Americans disagree with. At least, that’s what one would think. The resurgence of neo-nazis and white supremacists has weakened the public belief of the stamping out of fascist thinking in our country.  Most fascists communicate on illegal dark web websites or they have their own subreddit to communicate their ideas.