A Quarantined Valentine



Emma Maynard, Editor

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many couples are going on romantic escapades or fancy dinners, however, there are about forty-four Americans and numerous other people who are currently spending this love-filled holiday being quarantined on a contaminated cruise ship. The Diamond Princess, a cruise ship that was contaminated by the coronavirus has been in the mainstream news for weeks now after the passengers caught the coronavirus unexpectedly; causing a breakout among the staff and passengers on the ship. The coronavirus is an illness that originated from China and has become an international epidemic. There have been one thousand sixty-eight hundred deaths related to the coronavirus. The Diamond Princess cruise ship had an outbreak of the virus after one case was reported; after the case was reported, the number of passengers who have contracted the virus was seventy but is currently three hundred fifty-five.

The coronavirus came about from animals in China, it affects the breathing and respiratory systems; if one contracts the virus, then they would not be able to breathe if it is left untreated. The cruise ship has been under a deep quarantine since two weeks ago, and the passengers have not been able to leave. However, those who are in critical condition are being transported by airplane to San Francisco, California. Many of the Americans who have been on the Diamond Princess are beginning to evacuate the ship and return to their homes after they have been decontaminated and quarantined.

Many people around the world are in a panic over the coronavirus and how it has spread so rapidly. They do not have a cure for the coronavirus yet, and it has recently been declared an epidemic across the globe. The cruise ship will still continue to be under decontamination until all of the passengers are clean, healthy, and free of any potential germs that could be harmful or dangerous to other people. It is unknown at this time when the Diamond Princess will be able to set sail again, however, it probably will not be anytime soon.