New incentives at BCHS


All of the students that got the incentive (in gym)

At Bourbon County high school, the administration tries to give Bourbon County students the best school life they can give. They know that students try their best in school and deserve having an incentive, at least most students do. Lots of students try their hardest in class, on tests, etc. they definitely deserve it. 

     For example, on Friday (2/21), students who have a 4.0 or higher and students who haven’t gotten more than two referrals get to go to an incentive. At the beginning of the day, students who have gotten a GPA of 4.0 or higher get to go into the gym or auditorium and have fun/chill. Students who did not get to go have to stay in class and work. Pretty fair right? At the end of the day, students who have gotten two or fewer referrals get to go into the gym or auditorium and have fun and students who did get more than two referrals have to stay in class. They get to get out of class for a little while and as a result, get to let go for a while and just have fun. 

As you can see, the administration is giving students who behave right, and have good grades benefits for it. They are trying to find more and more ways to show they are appreciative of the way some students act at school. And to the kids who are reckless, and don’t necessarily care about school have a consequence and have to acknowledge they can do better than they are or have acted in the past. As the school year continues, the administration is finding new ways to benefit the students at Bourbon County high school. What are some things you would like to see the administration do as a result of good behavior and good grades?