When Fear Rules



Fear of the unknown Corona virus

Kathleen Gibson

The one thing that has been all over the news has been the Coronavirus and while this virus is dangerous, it is also impacting the fear in everyone. If we look at what is happening around the world as people are too afraid and fearful to do anything outside of there own homes due to being afraid of getting this illness then we will see a lot is happening. This has a big impact on things that people aren’t thinking of such as the stock market is plummeting due to people not going out and buying things. The price for oil has gone down by twenty percent, this simply means that people aren’t traveling, because no one wants to travel when they could potentially get this scary virus. There has been a rise in demand for hand soap, Toilet paper, and even just Hand Sanitizer.

This is because of this virus, people are buying so much of this stuff that it’s running out quickly. In the beginning, the stores started to raise prices for these things but eventually stopped realizing they shouldn’t win in times like these. People are also staying inside and not going out, companies are even canceling or restricting people to go to events. Right now in Italy, they have a find for people that come out of there homes unprotected, schools are shutting down, and even the NCAA canceled their championships due to not wanting people to be so close to one another in a big setting. Hospitals are having to regulate their medical masks very strategically due to people stealing them. Speaking of medical masks, these are being seen every were and even people with gloves on. So although this virus is scary what’s even scarier is how fear can change the world completely. Don’t get me wrong people should be very prepared, I just wanted to show how people alone can really change the world from just being scared.