The Growing Concerns of 2020

Recently, Bourbon County High School has been closed down due to the increasing cases of the Coronavirus in Paris, many students might see this as a joyous thing; no school until April 20th. However, we still have to participate in online classes. While all of this is a bit chaotic, there are other concerns and worries that plague the class of 2020. Prom, graduation, Project Grad, our senior trip to Kings Island. Will we still get these milestone events? Or will we have to end our high school career on a social-less, eventless note? It appears that many seniors have reached out in search of answers to these questions. Mr. Mitchell sent out a mass text message, saying that he and the staff will “bend over backward” in order to make these “crucial events happen.”

This may bring some comfort and peace of mind to the senior class, as many of us have already purchased our caps and gowns for graduations, as well as our prom dresses and tuxedos for prom. Many have spent a decent portion of their money to make these last few high school events the most memorable and unforgettable for the graduating class of 2020. The possibility of having these “crucial” milestones ripped from us while we are so close to them, is very disappointing for us. We have been in school, working our way towards these moments, for at least twelve years in the making. The class of 2020 deserves a proper send-off, a proper farewell, and a proper celebration of how far we have come; a celebration to show that we have made it to this point in time together as a whole.

Even if we do not go back to school this year, I imagine–and hope–that the school system will post-pone or perhaps host both prom and graduation sometime in the summer after the COVID-19 madness has hopefully ended and the world is back to what it normally is.