Keep yourself busy during “corona-break”


My at-home school set up!

Hannah Hamelback, Editor

We all have the same questions going through our head. When will we go back? What am I supposed to do for the next… who knows how long? When will I see my friends again? Why do we….

Yes. I get it; we all are in the same boat. But, the most important thing we can not forget during this time is to keep our mental state healthy and happy. We have to get through it somehow, so we might as well make the most of it!  Let’s talk about the three “musts” to get through this unexpected and unfortunate pandemic. First, school work. Second, exercise. Third, get organized. These three things will keep you occupied, and they will keep you on a somewhat “normal” routine. 

First, school work. This one is a given; we all know that. We have plenty of NTI work online, or packets from our teachers. Don’t procrastinate! Stay on top of it so you don’t get behind. If you get behind, you will end up getting more stressed than what you need to be (not that you need to be at all!) If you have your day’s work finished and have some extra free time, work ahead! This will give you more free time to do things you want on other days. Another “school” type thing to keep your brain from frying is to read! Read new books, find old books, read anything! Keeping your brain going and learning will help your mental and emotional state remain stable. Lastly, catch up on any missing work from earlier in the year. Get on Infinite Campus and find some missing work, and talk to your teachers to see if you can make it up online! You have plenty of time on your hands, so try to get those grades up while you can! 

Second, exercise! Find a good beach body youtube video and get some cardio in. Take a mile run or jog in your neighborhood (while practicing social distancing, of course!) Learn how to do yoga, pilates, anything! Keeping your body moving  is essential to maintaining a healthy mindset while surviving this quarantine. Also, get a good stretch in, especially if you’re going to workout. Don’t forget to stretch before and after, so you don’t get injured! After your stretches, meditate! Get in a zen mindset, and release those negative vibes you’re feeling. 

Lastly, get yourself organized. You can do this in so many ways: clean out your closet and get rid of old clothes, help your parents clean around the house, rearrange your room for a fresh start, and so much more. Get done with honey-do projects that you’ve been meaning to get to! Clean out that junk drawer every single home has… (don’t deny it. I know you have one.) Cleaning up the environment around you will give you a happy and healthy surrounding for the next month or so. 

In conclusion, keeping yourself occupied and your gears running is the main way you will get through this. School work, exercise, and organizing are only three ways, but there are so many more activities to keep you and your family occupied. Your main priority during this quarantine should be your mental and emotional health! Don’t let it fall through by binge watching Netflix for 10 hours straight, or by staying up until 4 am every night. Put yourself first and remember that we will all get through this together!