Kid Krow: a new beginning for Conan Gray

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On March 20th at 12 am Conan Grays debut album Kid Krow had been released to the public and to his adoring fans. This album was and will be a brand new start for this upcoming star, Conan had started his online career at age nine, from then on out he continued to create and grow online with his fans. He started off as just a youtuber and wrote songs in his free time, but later on, that free time would turn into his dream. In 2017 Conan had released his song called Idle Town, which completely blew him up, it had gained over 14 million streams on Spotify and 12 million on Youtube. In October of 2018, he had released a song called Generation Why with his new label republic records. This label has artists such as Ariana Grande, Drake, Post Malone, Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Shawn Mendes, and more. In November of 2018, he released his EP Sunset Season that included songs like Idle Town, Crush Culture, Greek God, Lookalike, and Generation Why, my personal favorite from this EP was Greek God 


That wasn’t the end of it all for Conan though, there was plenty more to come. In February of 2019, Conan had opened for Panic! At The Disco, this was his first big arena show. This was a huge opportunity for him and gained him lots of new fans, I was one of them. After he had opened for Panic I realized how talented he was, and was excited to become a fan of his. Ever since then I’ve been supporting him as much as I can, and I could never be happier, as do other fans. I have gained so many new friendships from being in his “fandom” and I can’t wait to see how he grows even more. 


On March 20th at 12 am came something all of us Conan stans were finally looking forward too, Kid Krow. I was ecstatic when the album came out, and cried so much! I couldn’t believe it at first, but Conan never fails to make me a loss for words. My personal favorites from the album was Little league, which was your kind of coming of age song that describes the hardships of growing up. Affluenza was a song that describes how money is so sought for in our society and how you feel so left out when you come from nothing, I loved the sound of it. If I have to be honest it is hard to pick favorites when I love all the songs so much but those songs made me the most in awe, but they aren’t the only ones. Lastly, my favorite sad song from the album is heather, heather is a song that describes how we feel when the person we like/love, likes/loves someone else we know we could never be, we feel jealous over them and wish the person, in this case “heather” could “die” off and leave. The song was one I could personally relate to and I know so many others could as well. Conan Gray is an artist that will surely pop off and be super famous very soon, he has grown in so many ways and I luckily got to watch him grow. Here’s to many more albums to come and many more years of supporting him!