Celebrity Actions During This Outbreak are Shocking


Sophia Prichard, Editor

Three weeks ago, Gal Gadot posted a video of her and some of her celebrity friends singing the song Imagine by John Lennon. However, not even hours after, fans and critics began tearing the video to shreds. Many have found the video almost offensive, as the celebrities are singing about not needing processions in their million dollar mansions. It’s hypocritical and through interviews, it’s found that if they had simply chosen a different song, the feedback would probably have been different. 

During this time, in which every state has been stated as a “disaster zone”, celebrities need to be careful about the message they’re spreading. If you aren’t social distancing or if you break your social distancing rules, you shouldn’t address the public with that information. Because even if you have an excuse, it’s not okay to break isolation. By doing that as a celebrity or influencer, you subconsciously tell your audience it’s okay for them to do the same. If a celebrity contracts COVID-19 and then spreads it while being asymptomatic simply because they felt they had an excuse, then that’s someone’s life that they’re responsible for. People with audiences need to be conscientious of what they’re saying to their audience. 

Everyone needs to be held responsible for the actions they are taking. People that aren’t social isolating need to know that it’s not okay for them to do so. Recently, Tyler Joseph of the band Twenty One Pilots came under fire for attending an Easter get together with his family. This issue here being that he and his family broke “quarantine” to visit one another. We all understand wanting to see your family, especially on a holiday, but when you have an audience and you do something wrong, you need to be held accountable. In this current situation we all need to social distance and try and stay safe.