Shows to Binge during Quarantine

All American

All American

Emma Maynard, Editor

Chances are if you’re reading this, then you are stuck in your house due to COVID-19. Like many of us across the country, we aren’t allowed to leave our houses very often or be in large groups, so we just lounge around in our houses. This situation does give us ample opportunity to binge-watch shows that we’ve yet to see. I have compiled a list as well as my own reviews for some shows that you could pass the time with.

The Trial. It’s about the murder of this girl named Angelica, and they are trying to figure out who is responsible for her death. It’s rated MA for language and graphic content. It is an eight-episode series on Netflix. All in all, I thought this was a very intriguing show, it kept me engaged and wondering who killed this girl and why. I watched it in a day, and I highly recommend it.

Castlevania. This animated series is definitely not for children or the faint-hearted, as it has graphic depictions of gore and vulgar language. It is based on the Konami video games of the same name, about a vampire hunter named Trevor Belmont who teams up with a female magician and the son of Dracula himself in order to end the Vampire King Dracula’s reign of terror and death on the humans who hurt his wife. I love this series very much as it is extremely well-written, the visuals are stunning, and the voice acting is incredible. As the show progresses from its short first season (a whopping four episodes) to its current third season, the story and characters evolve into something that we as the viewers never expected. It’s rated MA, so I definitely would not watch it with children or young teens.

American Horror Story. It’s a classic show to watch during the Halloween months, or if you just want to be scared. It is also rated MA and has 9 seasons as of 2019. Only 8 of them are on Netflix though. If you are a fan of horror or Evan Peters, I highly recommend you watch it. Each season changes, different time eras, characters, plot, and scares; however the cast is the same. Depending on what type of season you’re wanting to watch, you will nonetheless enjoy yourself and what the show has to offer. If you are into a good but sometimes depressing haunted house story, opt for the first season, if you like witches and New Orleans, watch the third one. If you enjoy summer camp and 80s, I recommend you wait until the newest season comes to Netflix.

All American. It is a true story about the New York Giants football player Spencer Paysinger’s journey to becoming a football player. He had to overcome his living conditions and learn to be confident in who he is in order to achieve his dreams as an outside linebacker. The show has 2 seasons on Netflix, so if it perks your interest give it a watch.