NBA Youngboy Top: Is It Worth the Listen?


Screenshot of NBA Youngboys’ album ‘Top’

Patricia Jones , Editor

On September 11, rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again (NBA Youngboy) dropped his album Top. This album consists of 21 tracks. The album is 59 minutes long. Top is the Youngboy’s third Number 1 album within the period of 11 months. The first album was ‘AI Youngboy 2 (October 26, 2019), the second album being 38 Baby 2 (May 9, 2020), and now Top (September 11, 2020). Rapper “Lil Top” moved 126k units in the first week. The album debuted at #1 on Billboard 200. This is his biggest debut ever. He currently is has the #1 album on Apple Music. Also, before actually dropping the album, he gave fans a sneak peek of it and dropped a couple of songs from the album. While only dropping a few songs, the album went #1 on Apple Music. “The number breaks down to 106K units from streaming, 9K from pure sales, and 1K for track equivalent units”, according to HotNewHipHop. Youngboy has had 15 projects on the Billboard 200 since August 2017.

Some hit songs from his album are Drug Addiction, Cross Roads, The Last Backyardigan, Kacey Talk, My Window, and All In. This album being 22 tracks long only had two features. Those songs are My Window (feat. Lil Wayne) and Callin (feat.Snoop Dogg. The rest of the album was pure Youngboy. When asked a basic overview of the album, students said various things. Freshman, Jake Jones said, “I do like the album. My favorite song is F**k Ya. For his sales, I think he’ll get more than 100k. My top five favorite songs are Kacey Talk, All In, Dead Trollz, The Last Backyardigan, and Reapers Child. I liked the album because he was spitting bars and he was very lyrical with all the songs. All around, I like the whole album”. Another source said, The album wasn’t my favorite. My favorite song off it is Drug Addiction. I think he’ll get somewhere around 120k sales. I only really like the songs Drug Addiction, Cross Roads, Peace Hardly, All In, and Right Foot Creep. I think the beats went hard.” Lastly, junior Chloe Harris said, “Yes, I like his new album but I feel like he could make a better album if he had more time to truly perfect everything. I think my favorite song would either be Kacey Talk or All In. I just like the beats to them and if you listen to the lyrics you can hear what he’s trying to say. I already know he has a lot of sales. A lot of kids from all different places across the country listen to him. Some people listen just to hate on him/it but it still gets him views and sales. A few thousand at the least honestly. I like Kacey Talk, All In, Reapers Child, Murder Business, and House Arrest Tingz. I think these are some of the best songs in his new album and I believe they have a lot of views and hits! Lastly, I like the album cover and some of the new beats and lyrics and stories behind them. Some of the music videos are cool as well. Overall, I think he did a good job on this album but I know he can do even better”! As you can see, people have different views and opinions on the album.

NBA Youngboy has music videos for a couple of the songs. Some of the videos include Peace Hardly, Dead Trollz, Murder Bussiness, and more. Many people enjoy listening to Youngboy and consider him a great rapper. Top is streaming on all platforms!