The Importance Of Hispanic Heritage Month


Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

September seems to be one of the coolest months out of the year, the summer heat comes to an end and the fall breeze can be felt on the tip of your nose. September isn’t just a month of summer flings coming to an end and getting ready for pumpkin spice, it is also the beginning of a very important month, Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month is a month of the year where we can celebrate Hispanic inventions and celebrate the importance of the culture onto American history. Hispanic Heritage Month was created in 1968 when the president at the time Lyndon Johnson decided that September 15th, would be Hispanic Heritage week. In the beginning, there was only a week for Hispanic Heritage but over time, it was able to be a full month. Hispanic Heritage Month spans out between September 15th, which is for most Hispanic people their independence day, throughout October 15th, which concludes the ending of the month. 

Hispanic Heritage Month may seem like it isn’t as important as it seems, but that is absolutely not just what it is, it is not just a random month out of the year. Hispanic Heritage Month is also a celebration of innovators who have created the things we use today! One of the most famous toys, the yo-yo, was first manufactured in the United States by a Hispanic man. Another very important invention was a chemist who co-invented the contraceptive pill, his name was Luis Miramontes. Not only did we have very important Hispanic Inventors and Scientists, but we also had astronauts such as Ellen Ochoa, who was an inspiration to many other Hispanic children and adults. 

Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t just these inventions and things we are able to enjoy today, it is also the culture of the people and what the people have gone through. In Hispanic cultures, embroidery and bright beautiful colors are shown in as much detail as possible. Whether or not the beautiful designs are in the treats that are being made, the clothing being worn, or the decorations being hung up, they are all still very important and beautiful. Not only are colors important to the culture, so is the food, the language, and the presence. Each area has different dialects so no two are the same! The culture is very important to the people in the area itself, Hispanic people are one of the largest minorities in the united states this being due to how many different races can be included under the branch. So many unique cultures and so many unique people are included and it’s important we see this. It is important we celebrate the love of our people and the ones included. 

Hispanic heritage is more than what it seems and it is very important to celebrate the wins, the losses, and the struggles that Hispanic people have gone through the past decades. It is important to use as much education to help these issues and fight for a better life. This is why Hispanic Heritage is so much more than a month; it is lives and cultures who are living and breathing and deserve to have as much recognition as possible during the month. It is very important to self educate and help out, that is what Hispanic communities need the most right now.