The Reopening Of Theaters


The Regal Cinema at Hamburg, photographed by Sophia Prichard

Sophia Prichard, Editor

On Friday, September 11th, I went to see The Broken Heart Gallery at Regal Cinema. However, since we are currently in a pandemic, it wasn’t as straight-forward as simply going to the movies.

There were several restrictions and limitations to going to the theater, including the amount of films being shown. There were only a few films being shown at this location, including The Broken Heart Gallery, Tenet, and The New Mutants. There was a mask requirement, but if one purchases food, one is allowed to take off one’s mask to eat. There was also limited seating, one group of people who go to the theater together basically get their own row of seats.

While these requirements seem simple, a lot of people are still not risking being in a theater, surrounded by other people. This is understandable, as had I not been planning to write this article, or wanted to see this film, I probably wouldn’t have gone either. However, as many restrictions as there are, and as few films are being shown, don’t let this be a hindrance on seeing a movie. There are very few people actually going to the theaters right now, and with mask requirements and social distancing, the theaters seem very safe.

The Broken Heart Gallery piqued my interest, as it stars two of my favorite actors, Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things) and Geraldine Viswanathan (Miracle Workers, Bad Education). And I was not disappointed. The Broken Heart Gallery is a funny, heart-felt film about moving on and living in the moment. The main character Lucy (Viswanathan) is super relatable, being sentimental and emotional.

The film follows her as she goes through a break up and losing her job at a prestigious gallery. During a misunderstanding, she confused Nick (Montgomery) with being her Uber driver. Through a chance discovery, Lucy creates a gallery of “random junk” from past relationships in Nick’s work-in-progress hotel.