What is Among Us and Why is Everyone Playing it

“General MJ” becomes the Captain, now.

Kendall Marie Ballard, Staff Writer

Who wouldn’t want to play a game where they get betrayed by their friends or they are the one betraying with one other? This game idea most likely seems familiar, right? There are tons like this, but everyone that has a Wi-Fi connection can play it. Phones, PCs, tablets and not much else fix into the controls of this cross-playing game. Besides what to play on, what is even the game?

A game that everyone loved once-a-upon-time was Trouble in Terrorist’s Town, except in this game it is a silent version. A quick rundown of this game is that there is one to three imposters, aliens that maybe eat human meat. Crewmates are the games’ innocents, they are the ones who go around doing tasks. According to some, or everyone, doing the swipe card task and most likely “Simon Says” game is hard. For swipe card, that is all you are doing except “Bad Read,” “Too Fast,” and even “Too Slow.” The other is just that it takes too long, and in that time, the imposter’s kill just got off of cooldown. Imposters can use vents, but the vents don’t take them that far. Sabotages can be bad, especially when no one goes to do them, using an excuse “So many people are still alive to do it.” The impostor will or was waiting for someone to go to O2 and killed them. Everyone can fix sabotages, call meetings, and report dead bodies.  Reporting a dead body can stop a sabotage win for the maybe aliens. Another way for the imposter to win is by either voting out the ‘sus’ crewmate with everyone else or murdering the confirmed, then the lone wolves, and then the ‘sus.’ Oh, for the people with discord, they have to be silent, muted and deafen, until someone pressed that button or reported a body. They converse freely, but if not and just play with randoms? Be careful to not be suspicious or get ejected for no reason. There are some colors that will get voted out for no reason, like White or Red. Cyan, teal, light blue, or whatever the preference of the color name, they are never suspicious. Only a few that are wildcards, depends on the players. The max amount of players is 10, the minimum is 4 and those games are quick.

Why is this game suddenly popular for a game that came out in 2018 and was made by 3 people? What about TTT, Murder, or Murder Mystery? It’s simple, this allows 10 friends to converse and stab each other in the back. It is free on mobile and, yes, it has ads but it isn’t a monthly thing. They apologize, they say that they have to have ads in order to be able to keep it free.  If you have a friend that can spare, what, 3 dollars, just let them host and no one in the server will have to deal with the in-between-games-advertisements. Let’s be real, the simplicity and how everything is different, yet the same every round just adds to the game. There’ll rarely be a time where you have the same tasks, but there is a common bug; the same people will get imposter or crewmate, you have to make another server when that happens.

By now, everyone should know how to and what the game is all about. Impostor or crewmate, have fun with it, ‘sus’ out friends or randoms. Watch out for other crew members, as an impostor or otherwise, people seeing others vent all the time and kill. Just scream the loudest, it works sometimes.