Coronavirus Makes it Hard to Keep in Touch


Maggie Fryman

In these days and times things revolve around technology. School for many students started virtually this year, many have had problems with the internet connection either being too slow or not having one at all. School is hard for many students, students struggle with getting up on time, staying focused, and etc. School isn’t the only thing technology has changed. Technology has changed the way we visit our loved ones across the world. Most families today use many new websites and apps to stay in touch with each other, apps like zoom, google meets, facetime, skype and the list goes on. Many people have ran into many problems with the whole technology thing this year. Zooms website has crashed multiple times and google meets system has gotten overwhelmed to the point where no one could even access the website. Although with all the problems everyone has kept a positive attitude about it all and they have also tried to resolve the problems, and so far everything has been reported with good outcomes. Many families are not very excited about all the technology, some are not able to go on vacation or anything and some families make that a thing. Many people’s families live across state lines, and I understand completely! My grandmother and aunt live in Seattle, Washington and even though we miss them tons we still keep in touch with video chats. For example, on the Fourth of July we facetimed them and watched fireworks together! Some of the websites I mentioned before help interact with others more than usual. Technology can be tough and sometimes we aren’t always able to get it going, but hopefully we can eventually change the way technology works. I don’t know about you but I sure don’t want to have to keep going to school through a screen and seeing my family through a screen!