Corona Takes A Huge Turn


Maggie Fryman

Earlier this year, we were unfortunately introduced to a virus, that is deadlier than it seems. It has wiped out more than one hundred eighty-seven thousand people in the United States alone! In over eight months, the case numbers haven’t slowed down a bit, here in Kentucky there are about fifty four thousand cases along with over one thousand deaths. The governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, has set guidelines to keep our community and people safe, but nothing seems to be working. We continue to work at it every day: wearing masks, limiting the number of people in places, and washing our hands every chance we get.

The coronavirus is believed to have first started in Kentucky in the city of Cynthiana. I interviewed Crystal Gibson, a current employee of Grand Haven Nursing Home, located in Cynthiana. I asked her a series of questions, for example, I asked how she has balanced her everyday life on top of the stress of being an employee of a nursing home filled with multiple people being the age of the most affected. She explained that it is very stressful to be working during a pandemic like this and having to come home and dealing with it. For example, when going into the local stores she explained that she is required to wear a mask anywhere she has to go. Although she is fine with wearing a mask, it is a constant reminder that the world is falling apart piece by piece and she is worried for her family, community, and their futures. Another question that came to mind was what do you recommend for your country? She stated “I recommend everyone to continue wearing their mask, wash your hands and to hope for the best outcome in this terrifying pandemic, in hope of light and the end of the tunnel.”