Montana Wildfires


Taken by a Citizen on Montana

Smoke from Montana fires

Morgan Turpin, Staff Writer

Montana Wildfires

For as long as I can remember, Montana has had continuous wildfires. In September of 2017, nearly 438,000 acres of land were destroyed and that’s not counting from then to the present day! Two have died and some injured but as the fires continue, many fear for their loved one’s safety. Houses were destroyed but citizens pulled together to fight off the mighty fires.


By Montana resident 

Montana Fires


Montana is ranked the highest at risk in the U.S. out of all 50 states. A retired volunteer firefighter from Montana says that this year hasn’t been quite as bad as past years but it’s still not the best. He says that when it’s windy it’s a risk. He said many homes, barns, and other buildings have been destroyed and burnt down due to the fires. He said there have been 5 or 6 bigger fires but the fires have been going on since the 1900s! He says it’s a hazardous profession being a volunteer firefighter and he was one for 33+ years! 

You hear often about the west coast fires but you rarely hear of the fires in other places like Montana. You never hear how wildfires are affecting them and the other unknown states that are having them. Across most of the state, you can see how hazy and how smoky it is from the fires. You can smell the smoke and fires and see all of the burnt land. 

Durning these wildfires, Covid-19 is just another challenge they have to face. Many have to evacuate from their homes and ranches. The community has pulled together says a citizen of Montana. Some even get trapped and have to be saved. 

Keep Montana and every other state that struggles with fires in your prayers. Keep all of those people in your prayers and in your mind.