Trump Parade Rolls Through Lexington

Morgan Turpin , Staff Writer

Trump Parade in Lexington

 As most know, President Donald Trump is running for president again. He and the First Lady were also recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and are recovering very well. In support of the President and his family, many arranged a drive through the parade to show their support.  The hour-long parade took place on Sunday afternoon on October 11th, 2020. Many news stations reported on the protesters and less on the actual parade itself. Many interviewed the protesters but didn’t interview Trump supporters. The parade had a very large turnout and many Trump fans showed with flags and merch. Due to Covid-19, they didn’t get out of their cars however, they did honk their horns and held their hands out with a 4 and a thumbs up. 

BLM Protestors 

Like I said before, there were protesters that were at the parade. There were protesters that wanted to “dump Trump” as stated on some of the signs. However, there didn’t seem to be any violence during the parade from either side. Though things were said back and forth between Protesters and Trump supporters, nobody seemed to come in contact with each other. There were peaceful protests between both sides and at the end of the day, I guess we all just agree to disagree on the  President and if we like him or not. Everyone peacefully stated their opinions and held signs as did Trump Supporters in their cars or on the sidewalk. 


The Turnout!

There were so many that came out to support the President and the number of cars went on forever it seemed like! One of the many supporters that came was U.S representative, Andy Barr. Many smiling faces during this parade were enlightening during this time. The “silent majority” was not silent showing their support on Sunday. The traffic sure was high on New Circle and many came to Lexington from different cities around Kentucky!