Hurricane Zeta

The Cost and Effects of the Storm That Devastated Many all Over the Globe


Picture of Hurricane Zeta

Layla Sies

Hurricane Zeta was the 27th named storm and the 11th hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season. Zeta has wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast with it’s top recorded winds at a destructive 110 mph. It has caused immense destruction to people all over the world. The cost of the damage overall was $4.413 billion, $4.4 billion just in the U.S. 

Zeta first formed on October 24th, 2020. At first, it was just a broad area of low pressure in the Western Caribbean Sea. Then, Zeta grew into a tropical storm on the 25th of October and the next day it became a hurricane as it moved north. As it hit land in the Yucatan Peninsula, late October 26th, it weakened to a tropical storm again due to dry air. Zeta then reorganized into a hurricane and eventually strengthened to a category 2 hurricane on the 28th. It continued to grow in strength until it hit its peak speed at 110mph. Then Zeta turned into a hurricane-force cyclone as it moved across the North Atlantic Ocean and hit the United Kingdom on November 1st.

The hurricane reached a category 2 hurricane by the 28th of October. A category 2 hurricane is one that reaches speeds between 96-110mph. Zeta was one mph away from becoming a category 3 hurricane before it weakened. Category 2 hurricanes are definitely capable of some damage even though they aren’t the strongest possible, the strongest being a category 5(157mph or higher). They are strong enough to rip the roofs off of houses, uproot trees, and cause debris to fly around at speeds that could be fatal. Humans, pets, and even livestock’s lives are put at risk due to the debris.

Hurricane Zeta cost billions of dollars in damage across the world. Overall the cost was $4.413 billion dollars, $4.4 billion just in the United States. Money wasn’t the only cost that took a toll on the world. Zeta cost at least 8 lives. Two of which were a man and his daughter caught in a landslide due to the storm in Jamaica. Another man’s life was taken due to him coming in contact with a downed power line in Louisiana. Nearly 2 million people were without power due to the storm. Mainly affecting those who live along the Gulf Coast.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Zeta caused a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. It has not only torn people apart from their homes and loved ones, it has brought us all together in a way. Many people across the world have felt the effects of Zeta and have pitched in to help our neighbors in such hard times.