The Bourbon County Marching Band Performs During Half-time

Sidney Smith, Staff Writer

The marching band got permission to perform at the football game on October 30th. It was the first performance that the band performed this year. The band in total had performed three times. The other two performances were on October 29th and October 30th. The band was able to have uniforms and props like past years, instead of the band only wearing the band shirt for this year and jeans. If the marching band had competitions this season, it would have been state week. Since the band wasn’t performing for a state championship, they didn’t have the same amount of practice during that week. Normally the marching band would have practice every day the week before. On October 30th, the band had a community performance so families could come to watch the show if they were not able to attend the football games. During the community performance, the seniors were able to have a senior night to honor them. 

When asked about this season, a lot of the band members thought that the band performing on state week was weird considering that it shows what they have missed during the season. For the most part, the band members believe that the performances went well for the amount of time that they were able to practice this year. Since this season is different in a lot of ways, the members were glad that they were able to have a somewhat of a season and being able to play with their friends and the seniors. The seniors were unable to have a competition season for their last year, so Mr. Stone tried to make this year as fun for them as he could. Though the band was able to have a season, they were upset that the season was short and they had no competitions. Even though the season was only a month-long, the band was still able to perform. For the most part, the band members were glad there was a season.