BeBe Sizemore and her Adventures

Sidney Smith, Staff Writer

A lot of people want to be able to travel around the world, one person has been able to travel during her lifetime. Her name is BeBe Sizemore, she has been able to go to multiple places all over North America. She was able to go to all the states in the United State, multiple places in Canada, and been to Mexico once. She moved to Bourbon County after she married her husband. 

She has a lot of memories of traveling and seeing new places. Her favorite memory about her vacations would be when she went to Niagara Falls with her sister. The reason it is her favorite memory is that she almost fell into the water and she had broken her elbow. She found the event hilarious and couldn’t believe that it happened. Though she had great memories, she also had some bad moments. Her least favorite memory was when she was in California and almost got kidnapped. She was able to escape by running to a store because of her deer-life skills. Her first-ever trip was going to New Orleans. She enjoyed walking around and hearing and seeing people play music. After the loss of her husband, BeBe decided to get a dog in 2017, named Baby, to keep her company. BeBe and Baby have gone on trips since 2017 together. Their last trip together before Covid19 was in Las Vegas. BeBe went to the casinos to win money. At the casinos, BeBe was able to hit the jackpot. Once the trip was over, they returned home and BeBe had brought Baby all types of stuff. When asked about what she is going to do after quarantine, she replied that she was going to go play bingo in Tennessee and beat everyone there. During quarantine, she says she has gone a little crazy because she is not used to staying home for so long. She had planned to go to Florida this past July but had to cancel.