Roller Skating in quarantine


Roller skates

Taylor Koch, Editor

A new study has shown that roller skating is a hobby that a lot of people have picked up on during their time in quarantine. It is a fun activity to do and can be very entertaining when you’re bored at home. Roller skating is very beneficial because it is a great exercise, it can help with stress, and can lead to future possibilities! 

Roller skating is recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA) as an aerobic fitness activity. Just one hour of moderate skating burns up to 330 calories! Skating everyday gets the heart working harder, works up a sweat, and if you skate regularly you’ll see the fat melt away. The AHA also says that for a person trying to lose weight, it’s easier and quicker to roller skate every day than cutting back on foods. Roller skating is a fast-moving activity, so doing it will be harder but is equal to an hour workout. 

This year, I actually started roller skating. At first, it was hard but after a week I learned new moves and how to move quicker. While I roller skate, I usually listen to music because it makes me feel less stressed. For a person who is stressed about Covid, roller skating could be the answer! If I have a break during school, I’m most likely outside roller skating. According to one roller skating website, “Regular exercise is shown to reduce stress and improve mood, leaving people happier, more focused, and able to rest.” For an actual roller skater, I agree with this statement because I feel much more excited to workout! 

I never thought about being a “Roller Girl” because it always seemed so scary, but this year I’ve thought about it more and more. People who love to roller skate, but are too nervous to be in Roller Derby, should be able to join a fun sport. I think that if there was a sport where people could do different activities and compete with skating, it would be so much more fun and safer. Having these kinds of things for a popular activity could attract people to skating. I also think that we need a roller skating rink in Bourbon County. Of course, this would take a while to complete with Covid in our way, but think of the possibilities! Many people visiting Paris could walk downtown, visit historical sites, and go roller skating. 

In conclusion, roller skating is becoming very popular across the United States while facing a Pandemic. If you’re ever in quarantine, maybe pick up a pair of skates and see if you like them. Who knows, you could be the next “Roller Girl” of Kentucky!