The life-threatening effects of not wearing a mask


How to wear a mask

Gabriela Gomez-Romero

What is the effect on the population when people all around the world choose not to properly wear their masks for not only their safety but everyone else’s safety? Students in Bourbon County High School should not make wearing a mask some type of choice for them and should properly wear a mask so it limits the percentage of people who may have a case of covid. Wearing a mask should not be a choice for people who have zero medical issues that permit them not to wear a mask if they choose not to. Not wearing a mask can lead to a lot of consequences that can be life-threatening such as death, breathing problems, and really bad symptoms if you end up getting the virus. Wearing a mask will reduce the spread of the virus in fact some places refuse service if you are not wearing a mask. There are also medical concerns that have to do with people’s health so wearing a mask will reduce others having life-threatening issues with their health since their immune system could be weak.

What is the proper way of wearing a mask? You first put it on and wrap the elastic bands around your ear. Secondly, you make sure to cover your mouth and then also make sure you are covering your nose because not covering your nose can still raise your risk of getting the virus. Protesting about not wearing a mask will not change anything. That day when everyone gathered together to protest against wearing masks, they stood close together with no masks or protection at all on them which caused many people to get covid-19 causing many deaths and complications with their health. No single person should have the choice of risking someone else’s life. Part of being a human being is remembering to be human and to care for others.