The Fight Against COVID-19 And Celebrities

the photo is a picture of face masks some of the regular medical and one other n-95

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

In the age of influencers and celebrities, many love to look to see what these people are up to. They love to see what they are coming up with and participating in, but sometimes what they truly are participating in isn’t good. Ever since the coronavirus hit many of us had to stop doing our day to day tasks. We couldn’t do the things we used to love and enjoy, we all had to step back and understand what truly matters now, staying safe. No matter our status we had to abruptly end our past lives for a safer one, one that will help us all in the long run. Sadly not many got this memo, including a lot of celebrities and influencers. Many first started to show empathy until it got too boring for their own lives, they needed to seek something more sociable. This is what is the problem 

In a world full of stress and sanitizing it feels like we were all trying to do our part, except some were not and still aren’t. As the months went on and the pandemic seemingly went by getting worse and worse, influencers started to care less and less about it. They went from wishing for the best during their quarantine favorites to partying and having a jolly good time. In July a group of influencers was exposed for the big birthday bash they had in California, while cases were rising every day. The same influencers such as James Charles, Charli D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun, Bryce Hall, and so many others were caught in HD celebrating TikToker Larry’s birthday. These groups of people are still continuing to hang out and act as if the pandemic has gone away. The issue with this is because they aren’t the only ones risking their time during these past 10 months of unfaithful times. We are all suffering while they are able to pull the “we need to make content” card seemingly also adding the “we are getting tested daily ” not realizing they are taking up valuable tests for compromised people who truly need them. 


Not only are Instagram and Tik Tok stars pulling the excuses of their work to refuse to participate in the efforts of social distancing and quarantine, so are many other big-name celebrities. They are using their fame and fans to make sure they get by with it. Artists such as Dua Lipa, Drake, even Harry Styles continue to use the pandemic as their getaway free card. Actors as well such as Vanessa Hudgens gained controversy even at the very beginning for feeling like we are taking this “too seriously” and it was “okay if some people died”. This isn’t okay and it’s truly not considerate looking at how badly the coronavirus is affecting the United States right now. 

To some these people seem to cause no harm, just the average stuck-up celebrity, but the issue is way more than it seems. These people are fueled by their fan bases, they are fueled by their fans’ love and support, these people look up to them more than anything. These celebrities are causing their fans who don’t know any better to act like them, to act carefree. These people have so much influence on others, their name lives up to who they are. It is their responsibility to promote good habits, which better help them, their fans, and their careers. Showing good habits of properly social distancing and quarantining will make so many others participate in it as well, which will flatten the curve. The issue now is the case numbers are rising, we are running out of supplies and beds for people who are handing COVID right now. We need every ounce of help we can get right now to get others to stay home. Tests are so limited, we are so limited, COVID is a hard virus to beat but we can do it if they help as well. We need all the help we can get.