The Story Of Anne Frank


Anne Frank

Gabriela Gomez-Romero

  Once every year on Wednesday, January 27th, we stop to remember the tragic event of The Holocaust. The most known Holocaust victim to the US students was named Annelies Marie Frank who was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish heritage. She was born June 12th, 1929, and passed away in February 1945. She had gained fame due to her diary that had been published named “The Diary Of Anne Frank”.

  In 1942, Anne Frank went into hiding with her family in a secret apartment behind her father’s business, they were then discovered in 1944 which caused them to be sent to Concentration Camps but only Anne’s father ended up surviving. This all happened due to a letter Margot Frank received ordering her to report to a work camp in Germany, July 1942. During the time they were hiding, they were joined by Otto’s (Anne’s Father) business associate named Hermann van Pels along with his wife, Auguste, their son, Peter, who was also Jewish. A group of Otto’s employees would smuggle food, supplies, and news which risked their lives. In November 1942, they were joined by Fritz Pfeffer, who was a Jewish dentist. 

  Once Anne had received her diary for her 13th birthday, she would address her diary entries to her imaginary friend named “Kitty”. In her diary, she had written about life in hiding, how she felt lonely at times, how she was frustrated over her lack of privacy and even typical teenage issues such as crushes on boys or arguments with her mother.  

  After 25 months in hiding, Anne Frank and the 7 others she was with in the attic were found by Gestapo (the German secret state police). Van panels and Fritz Pfeffer were sent to a holding camp in the Northern Netherlands. Anne and Margot Frank were sent to Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in Northern, Germany. Later, they died of typhus and their bodies were dumped into a mass grave, April 15th, 1945. Edith Frank had died from starvation at Auschwitz in January 1945. Hermann van Pels was sentenced to death and to be sent into the gas chambers soon after his arrival in Auschwitz, 1944. Fritz Pfeffer died from an illness in late December 1944. Otto (Anne Frank’s Father) was 1 out of the 7 who had survived, he was liberated from Auschwitz by Soviet Troops on January 27th, 1945.