The Spooktacular Monster High Comeback

In this photo it is a picture of the Monster High dolls

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

In 2021 we have seen many things happen since the moment the ball dropped in time square, we have seen many new exciting things happen, and many that are planned to be coming throughout these next few years. One of the most anticipated though seems to be the reveal that Monster high, will be coming back onto the screen and store shelves. The reveal was not announced until February 23, the Monster High Twitter account had posted a picture of what seemed to be the new theme for this reboot. Many fans were excited, everyone could all agree that whatever was coming, that it would be great. 

Monster High left the store shelves after their reboot line that was released in 2016, shortly after in 2018 Mattel had retired the line and pulled the dolls from the store shelves. For the past few years, no one has heard a word from what was coming next, until now. As soon as they tweeted the image, articles discussing the new live-action TV movie and a series coming in 2022 came immediately after. Many had mixed opinions on how they would do a live-action, and how diverse it would be. Monster High is known for its push for diversity and equality even though it is through the form of monsters. Many of their characters were even coded to be certain ethnicities, races, and even a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Many hope and wish that since times are even more different from when they launched, they would try an even bigger push. A Twitter user named Aurora said, ”Hopefully even better diversity and representation, since they had talked about that a lot in the press releases.,” Another Twitter user named Arthur also said,” I’m looking forward to the LGBTQ representation and how they decide to deal with the plot.“ 

Along with the Monster High revival, there was also word that there would be new dolls as well coming along. Many doll collectors were so excited by these rumors and are ready for the moment when the dolls drop. Some fans however were curious about how they would do these new revival dolls, would they be any different from the reboot dolls? Would they have the same face molds? Or would they have a new face mold? Another Twitter user under the name Eurydice said, ”I’m curious of how much of the original source material they would actually be using. For example, will all the original ghouls be there? Will they be established the same way as the original series, or the reboot?” Eurydice wasn’t the only one wondering the same thing, another user said, ”I want to see the new designs for the ghouls and how they’ll make it match with the old ones, but still make them modern.” 

Throughout it all fans are just excited to have their nostalgia from the hit show come back, many fans were younger when the show first debuted and the same fans are so excited to relive those old memories. We look forward to the new legacy of Monster High, and how they will continue to flourish throughout these new times in the world and the future. Monster High was all about inclusivity and hopefully, they will continue to go forward with their same motto throughout this new revival.