The Rise and Changes In Online Spaces and Online Safety

a photo showing forms of illustrations of online safety

a photo showing forms of illustrations of online safety

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

In the rise of the social media age, we have seen so many different changes come along with the sites and the users that are on it. With more people willingly using apps such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc we have seen more spaces for individuals come out. These spaces are better known now as fan spaces, or better yet fandoms. These areas are perfect for people who are interested in the same topics to gather and bond, something that has been quite hard once before. These spaces can range from topics of music, cartoons, books, celebrity figures, movies, and more. These ranges of topics enable anyone to make a space and find friends who are in the same interests as well. These online spaces have been able to create unity for people who have not been able to feel that once before. As much good as these fandoms create, that doesn’t mean the everlasting harms of online safety have changed. 

In these fan spaces, it is important to understand that we still need to carefully follow online safety guidelines. It seems hard when all you want to do is tell a new friend everything there is to know about you, but it’s something that is kept in mind. When speaking to a new individual remember to always keep personal information hidden. Do not ever mention personal information such as your full name, your area, or your school areas. These personal things can end up leading to a term named “Doxing”. The term doxing is when someone takes personal information they have found online through research or already public data and posts it for others to see. Doxing can be either done by someone else or even yourself unknowingly. 

Safety online doesn’t only stop from refraining to give personal information, but also realization. It’s important to remember that when you post something online, your digital footprint stays along with it. Your digital footprint can follow you to your future jobs, colleges, and etc.