Environmentalism and The Need for Sustainability

a photo of the planet!

a photo of the planet!

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

As the world moves forward every day, we seem to be wearier and wearier of what is to come of this said world. As the days go by so does the harm that has been done to this planet. In the past ten years we have seen more and more things happen due to the polluted state of the earth, but yet at the same time, we are seeing an increase of more environmental care and activists. As the recent population grows more educated to these issues, the more people we are seeing starting to care, besides on days like earth day. These rises are great, it’s amazing to see how more educated people are starting to be on these said issues, but there are some underlining things when discussing these issues. 

The most common thing to know when discussing these issues is that this land is not ours. This land belongs to indigenous people, they were the first on this land until years of colonization had happened. It’s important to understand the line at which you should cross when caring about the environment, because one major part in helping, is giving indigenous people their land back. That added-on with other solutions is the key part in helping this earth slowly heal into a better world. 

Another form of common knowledge when discussing these issues is realizing how big of a toll companies and factories have on the planet. While common day-to-day people do have a fault at which they have created waste affecting the environment, the biggest part in daily waste is big companies. Big companies have a huge impact on what they create and the fumes they add to the atmosphere. It’s important when talking about environmentalism to go after them first, they have the biggest blame on the issues they are creating while average people do not deserve all the blame. Putting all the pressure on average consumers only pits them with all the guilt, when the real enemy is the corporations who are only trying to make quick money.

 It’s also important to realize some things such as plastic straws, aren’t the biggest enemy and actually are very useful for disabled people who do not have the same ease as abled body people do with drinking and such things, and rely on products like straws for day to day living. Environmentalism means fighting for everyone on this planet, if you are not fighting for the rights of POC and disabled people then that is one way to start.